Hello! I am Lyle, and I'm an Experience Designer and Front-End Engineer.
I love to work with people to craft great experiences.


Hi there. My name is Lyle and I am an Experience Designer and Front-End Engineer who consults with agencies, and companies large and small.

Over the past 12 years, I have honed my skills through experience in advertising agencies and a startup here and there, mainly focusing on digital strategy and user experience design. I've worked with some of the brightest minds in Chicago to bring experiences to life for some of the biggest brands.

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Experience Design

All we create is designed for someone, your grandmother, a potential customer, your clients... maybe it's your pet dog. Creating experiences is more than happenstance when designed with someone in mind. It's not just a mobile app, it's a part of their life.

Concept Creation

Whether you need a 30 day promotion, or an enterprise-level intranet, it all starts with a need. Concepts are often begun from a single thought, but are made great when worked into a full concept by a group of like-minded people. I help bring ideas to the table aimed at achieving your goals.

Visualizing Ideas

Moving a concept into reality often takes some explanation, some convincing, and a way to help visualize what it could be. Taking a concept from idea to reality is one of my specialties.

Flows, Wireframes, and Prototypes

From tiny projects to massive ones, sketches, user flows, wireframes, and prototypes provide a more precise view into what your experience will be, and more importantly, what it shouldn't be.

Visual Design

While wireframes are the bones of an experience, visual design is what makes it really come to life. Colors and shapes fill our eyes with emotion which is the key driver in how users perceive experiences in the world around them.

Front-End Development

HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript are the language of the web these days. Having a firm grasp on how the online world works helps keep the ideation process grounded, budgets on track, and makes experiences as good as they can be.


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